Our Team

Welcome to Lanier Laser Engraving.

We are a family of artists who love creating beautiful products.

We are passionate about creating "laser-engraved" products and gifts that can be personalized for each customer. Whether it is a single item or a volume purchase, we produce each order as if we were making it for our family.

Giving a personalized, "laser-engraved" gift says you care.

It's the message behind the product or gift that makes the most impact and will be remembered for years to come. There are several websites on which you can buy personalized gifts. A personalized, "laser-engraved" gift is considered special. It is something that you have put thought and care into.

We highly value the trust you place in us to produce your personalized, custom gift or product.

We stand behind our personalized, "laser-engraved" products and strive to exceed your expectation with each order. When you receive your personalized "laser-engraved" gifts and products in the mail, there will be no surprises. We look forward to the opportunity of serving you.
Thank you,
Michael & Mary Anne